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Nyan Cat

Emote Pop tart cat

Nyan Cat with a rainbow

The Nyan Cat is a very Awesome Pixelated Pop-Tart Cat that is known for it's Awesome Rainbow Farts. It is considered one of the most Awesome beings, being about as Awesome as Weegee. Nyan Cat was once a regular Awesome Pixelated Pop-Tart Cat on the planet of Poptarpia, until he came upon some Rainbow Mushrooms. Then his stomach became supercharged, and he could now fart supersonic infinite rainbows at will. Of course he can go as fast as he wants. From then on, Nyan Cat loved to fly through space with his rainbow farts, and the Awesome Video Network recorded him on one of his many flights, and posted a video on YouTube as saraj00n. The video became so popular that Nyan cat became famous even on Earth! His popularity even rivaled the Awesome Face's for a short amount of time. After the news of Nyan's success hit Poptarpia, every Pop-Tart Cat scarmbled all over their planet for Rainbow Mushrooms. Though very rare, some have found them.


Slide Cat

Eventually, Nyan learned how to remove the oversized Pop-Tart from his body and use it as a sled.

Nyan Cat also has a archenemy, the Non-Awesome Pixelated Waffle Cat Tac Nayn.

Nyan Cat original

Nyan Cat original

The Nyan Cat's Video


LOL Nyan cat