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NintenWHOA! is a Video Game company founded by MariWHOA, as a way to outsell Nintendo for refusing to put him in any of their games. NintenWHOA! has a numerous amount of employees though the main two are mostly MariWHOA! and Matrix Face. However, NintenWHOA! has only made a few games, though their games are much better than Nintendo's.


  • Super MariWHOA Brothers
  • MariWHOA & Weegee: Awesome Face's Inside Story
  • Super Smash WHOAS
  • Epic Mario Killer
  • WHOAkémon WHOA Revolution
  • Star WHOAS: The WHOA! Wars
  • Star WHOAS II: The Secret of the WHOAKIE
  • WHOALE Hunters: Deep
  • War of the WHOAgees
  • War of the WHOAgees II
  • MariWHOA Kart

Average Game ReceptionEdit

All of NintenWHOA!'s games have recieved the following review:



NintenWHOA! has only made one console. That is the NintenWHOA! WHOAii. In a press conference it was revealed that NintenWHOA! is not going to make another console, as the WHOAii is already "the awesomest console in existance" according to MariWHOA. He claimed he will instead create upgrades for the WHOAii, so it can always be the best.


In a desperate attempt to beat NintenWHOA!, Nintendo is about to roll out the Wii U, which, according to Awesome Gamers, is still nowhere as awesome as the WHOAii.