Gunther, also known as the Awesome Penguin of Awesomeness, is a penguin that is Pure Awesome. He controls his penguin army with a iron flipper and has starred in several TV Shows. Gunther currently resides in the Awesome Valley in Antarctica.

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Gunther before, riding on a dolphin


Gunther was always the awesomest penguin in the world. He was adventurous and often very illogical. He became famous for his ability to surf. In fact, Gunther was paid $1,000,000 to allow references to his ability to be in the movie Surf's Up. Gunther has known to have done about 50 other notable things but the penguins can't tell us.


One day, when Gunther was about to clash cymbals on a sleeping Polar Bear (long story), he came across a peculiar object. After tinkering with it for weeks, Gunther did the only thing left, he ate it. It took Gunther 3,000,000,000 years to swallow it, but the orb kept him alive. Then, as he finally digested it, he underwent an amazing transfromation. He became stubby and cartoonlike, but he also became Pure Awesome (he was Super Awesome before). Then he created an army out of his awesomeness that he can control.


Gunther has done many jobs in his life.


Adventure TimeEdit

Gunther made his most prominent TV appearance in the popular kid's show Adventure Time. There, Gunther is taller and slightly tanner. He is female and is under the control of the character the Ice King. Gunther was paid another $1,000,000 to act as a servant for a lesser being. In that series, Gunther is known as Gunter.


Gunther has also done the voice of penguins in movies such as March of the Penguins and Happy Feet. For unknown reasons, he did not become a part of Happy Feet 2.


Gunther still remained his surfing talent even after his transformation. He beat the Penguin Olympics in 2011. He was also paid $1,000,000 for references to him in the movie Surf's Up!


Gunther is a stalker-for-hire, and likes to stalk children for unknown reasons. He especially likes children named Caleb. For another $1,000,000, Gunther can write the following phrases wherever he follows the child:

Penguins. She is one. He has one. They see one. And now, the penguins are gonna get 'em. We got's penguins.

The reason for Gunther's interest in those phrases is unknown...


As every job he does guarentees him at least $1,000,000, Gunther is a very, very, wealthy penguin. He outworthed Carnegie back in 2009 and recently bought rights to this wiki.