Awesome Level Example

Your Awesome Level is considered your rank of Awesomeness. There are nine different Awesome Levels. The Best is Pure Awesome, while the worst is Pure Stupid. The nine ranks in order are:

  • Pure Awesome
  • Super Ultra Awesome
  • Ultra Awesome
  • Awesome
  • Decent
  • Suckish (also known as Un-Awesome)
  • Ultra Suckish (also known as Ultra Un-Awesome)
  • Super Ultra Suckish (also known as Super Ultra Un-Awesome)
  • Pure Stupid (also known as Pure Suckish and Pure Un-Awesome)

Notable ExamplesEdit

User Awesome LevelEdit

Users on this wiki also have awesome levels. However, the ranks for users are slightly different than the general Awesome Levels. The ranks are:

  • King of Pure Awesome
  • Pure Awesome
  • Super Awesome
  • Pretty Awesome
  • Awesome
  • King of Lame*

​* Between Awesome and King of Lame, where a general Awesome Level would be "Decent," are the rest of the normal users.

Notable ExamplesEdit