Awesome Face

Awesome Face

The Awesome Face, as his name suggests, is a giant floating face so awesome that is is just so awesome. His look of sheer awesomeness can only be done by very awesome people. He can destroy you by being so awesome that the embodiement of awesomeness wil overflow with sheer awesomeness that the gods will drown in it's might and start a new age of awesome, where the celestial boundries of existance will crack and the world will fall into pure awesomeness.

How to do the Awesome Look

WARNING: The awesome look can be done by very awesome people. If it is done by non-awesome people you will burn up into eternal death.

STEP 1.) Meditate and let awesomeness flow throughout you.

STEP 2.) If you feel awesome then proceed to Step 3. If not, stop immediately.

STEP 3,) Cross your eyes then look up and right.

STEP 4.) Open your mouth and feel the power.

This variation of the Awesome Look is not as awesome as Awesome Face's, but is still pretty awesome.


  • The Awesome Face has many variations, though none as are awesome as the original.
  • Awesome Face's best friend is Weegee, and he is almost as awesome as him.
  • The Trollface always tries to replace the Awesome Face, making him Not-Awesome
  • The Awesome Face's opposite is the Not-Awesome Face.
  • Awesome Face can take on a body whenever he wants, as seen in the video below.==
    Awesome Face Song

    Awesome Face Song

    Awesome Face's theme of Awesomeness